Steven Neihorn


Unix OS programming, security, and administration. Microcomputer system programming, applications, and systems software design and development. Computer graphics programming. Relational database design and programming. Parallel computer architecture simulation. Electronic communications software. Neural networks. Speech recognition. Distributed operating system research. Local area network configuration. Performance evaluation. X Window programming. Internet-oriented programming and security. Unix training. Unix system development. Twenty-four years experience with the Unix operating systems. Sixteen years experience with Cisco IOS. WAN configuration and debugging. Internet service provider operations. Network security operations.


Programmed extensively in C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, Smalltalk-80, BASIC, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL (Oracle, Informix, Sybase), Java, Javascript, and microprocessor assembly languages (Z80, 808x, 80×86. SPARC and some 6800, 6502, 80960, and 68000). Knowledge of Forth, and Lisp.

Considerable experience with AT&T System V release 2 and 3 Unix, BSD 4.2 and 4.3 Unix, SunOS 3.5 to 4.1.4, Solaris 2.x, Mach, MSDOS, CP/M, iPSC Unix, SGI Unix, Cisco IOS, Livingston access devices, HPUX, IBM AIX, Linux, Apple OS X, and Microsoft Windows.


• Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton, Oregon
Master’s Degree coursework in Computer Science.
Specializing in distributed operating systems.

• Portland State University, Portland, Oregon,
B.S. with high honors in Computer Science.


• 1991 to Present: Owner and Consultant
SCN Research Inc., Portland OR

Owner of independent consultancy working for multiple customers. Please see the SCN Research webpage for a detailed listing of recent clients. Other projects include work with a small group of programmers who independently rewrote Berkeley library routines and kernel calls to make them available under SYS V. Ported several large BSD Unix programs to SYS V, including Sendmail, mhmail, UUCP, RCS, dbm, curses, and libplot. Helped design, configure, and install local Internet connection for community networking. Co-founded the first commercial internet provider in the Portland area. Worked on Ada parallel debugger for Intel Supercomputer Division and Northwest Gas server-client environment.


• Association of Computing Machinery: SIGGRAPH, SIGPLAN: 13 years
• Associate editor for the Silicon Forest Gazette: 5 years.
• USENIX (Technical Unix association): 17 years.
• IEEE: 10 years.