Remote 24/7 Monitoring


Remote Monitoring

Response to issues 24H/7D per pre-arranged coverage plan

Notifications via cell phone SMS, pager, email, and voice call

Monitoring services available from 6 Points of Presence, including:

  • POP #1 connected to Cogent, Qwest, Infinity Internet
  • POP #2 connected to AT&T, UUNet/Verizon Business, Sprint
  • POP #3 connected to Qwest, Silverstar Telecomm, Savvis
  • POP #4 connected to Integra, NewEdge Networks, XO
  • POP #5 connected to AT&T, Cogent
  • POP #6 connected to Cogent, NTT

Unix System Monitor

Monitoring of all network available services, including RADIUS, DNS, SSL, LDAP, MySQL, SSH, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3

Monitoring of HTTP, HTTPS, SSL certificates

Monitoring of custom ports/services

Monitoring via ping, latency measurements, bandwidth and throughput

Monitoring of processes, memory, CPU, disk space, swap space, load average

Monitoring of log files, system messages, error conditions, status reports

Paging and email alerts based on user preference

Warning conditions, status reports, performance stats over time are available

Response to issues 24/7 per pre-arranged coverage plan

Environmental monitoring using appliances by APC, IT Watchdogs, etc

Software used includes Nagios, BigBrother, Argus, SYSMON, Netwatch, NPulse, OpenNMS, SmokePing, and others

Router and Switch Monitor

Cisco Router and Switch configuration monitoring using RANCID

Cisco Router and Switch CPU and memory monitoring

Log file analysis and error message/warning message reporting

Denial of service warnings, dramatic traffic change warnings

Traffic usage and patterns using NetFlow and other tools

BGP status, link status, interface error rate reporting

Intrusion Detection Monitor

Security event logs

Paging/email for security events

Managed Intrusion Detection Systems

Utilize Cisco software, Network Flight Recorder, Snort, and others