ISP Management Software

ISP Management Software

Internet Service Provider Systems and Software

Up-to-date Sparc or X86 Solaris 10, with all current Sun Microsystems-approved patches applied.    All unnecessary kernel and OS services disabled.

Includes all the security features found in the Secure Solaris Server package.

BIND 9.3.4 (or latest released version).

TripWire and other network security applications.

OpenSSH, OpenSSL, other encryption utilities.

Postfix 2.3.7 (or latest released version).

Support for LDAP, TLS, SASL.

Apache 1.3.37 or 2.2.4 with full PHP, FastCGI, Modperl, etc.

WUFTPD with SCN Research enhancements.

Internet Service Provider Management Software

Add a user to the system

Search system for a user

Search system for an email-only user

Change a user password

Add additional email accounts to an existing user

Change an existing user’s login name

Change information about an existing user

Show information on all users

Show a user’s system activity

Remove a user from the all-users mailing list

Turn off a user’s email/login ability due to non-payment

Turn on a user’s email/login ability

Show information about the user

Show users online using a certain dialup device

Add a DSL user

Search for a DSL user

Remove dial-up access from a DSL user

Add dial-up access to a DSL user

Rebuild the user RADIUS database

Look up a user’s voice phone number

Show users by voice phone number

Show a user’s activity for the current month

Show a user’s activity for the previous month

Add Front Page software to a user’s webpage

SCN Research Price

Full system price is $2500 which includes all of the above plus training on administration of the   system.

Price does not include travel time for on-site installation.

SCN Research will conduct ongoing administration of the system at the rate of $150/hour.